Mother With 10 Children From 5 Men Says She Wants 50 Grandchildren So She Can Stay On Welfare

Dreams. We all have them. Some of us want world peace, some of us want to find our soul mate. Then some people dream of more sinister and selfish things. Mandy Cowie, 49, is that person. She earns about £22,000 ($28,206) each year. She doesn’t have a job, she is a single mother with ten children.

Those children have five different fathers. Cowie claims to want 50 grandchildren. Her dream is to become Britain’s biggest benefits family. Come on, really? Ten children, five different fathers – and she gets benefits?

Clearly, this woman is cheating the system. Cowie has used £2,000 of the benefits money to get herself tattooed. She has been living off benefits for three years.

Many of her ten children are following in her footsteps! Cowie already has 16 grandchildren. Cowie currently lives with three of her children, the other seven have moved out. Many of them are living off benefits and having more babies.

She has a four-bedroom home in Hastings, East Sussex and claims she can’t work because of the children.


If her children are good and help with the cleaning, she buys them cigarettes. How do we know all this? Cowie told everyone! She was interviewed for a show called “Britain’s Biggest Benefits Family Show.”


This is outrageous. Something needs to be done. We have some hard working single moms out there working several jobs to pay the bills.


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