The 12 Most Unique Houses in the World You’d Want to Live in

We may live in simple apartment blocks or townhouses, but some people just love to stand out in everything, including their “castles.”
We at Bright Side have made a list of the world’s most unique houses that you’d want to live in. Check them out below.
12. Heliodome, France
The Heliodome in France is a house that will both save energy and make your life very comfortable. The solar panels on the house help it stay cool in summer and warm in winter. The place can be visited for tours.

11. Habitat 67, Montreal, Canada

11. Habitat 67, Montreal, CanadaWho knew that blocks stuck one on top of each other could form a block of apartments? This amazing structure was built in Montreal, Canada, by Moshe Safdie. At first, it was not supposed to be anything but his thesis, but people actually live in this amazing community building!

10. Futuro, Sweden

Futuro is a prefabricated spaceship-shaped house designed by Matti Suuronen, and it can be found around the world. But most of these houses are located in Finland, the architect’s homeland.

9. The Mirror House, Italy

The Mirror Houses in Bolzano, Italy, are difficult to notice thanks to their unique “mirror” design that makes them disappear from the surrounding area. Upon your arrival, a whole new conceptual house is at your disposal. Most importantly, you can rent it for holidays or events!

8. The Mechanical Hobbit House, Czech Republic




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