Skrubit – 13 Naruto Characters whose Clans were never revealed

Did you know that Naruto has more characters without mentioned surnames than you think?. Well I’m sure that after checking out this list you will find it to your surprise that most of them makes the main characters.

The list is lo I’m also going to provide relevant facts and explanations to prevent any arguments or controversies that might arise.

So this will easily address any issues you might have concerning the character. Otherwise you will have to leave them in the comments section below.

Without further ado, let us get on with the list.



Well I decided to start wit this one since most people misunderstand. If you think that Tsunande is a Senju then you are completely wrong. Here’s why, of course it was said that she is Hashirama Senju’s Grand daughter. But it was not mentioned if her parent from Hashirama’s side was male or female. So this still leaves her without any known surname except that she is half Senju.


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