The One Of A Kind Tiki Tour You Must Take In Texas Before Summer’s End

There’s only about a month left of summer (or at least until the kids go back to school), so it’s time to knock those last few things off your bucket list before the season draws to a close. If you’re at a loss for what to do, I have an idea for you – Tiki Tours in Port Aransas. It’s by far the most unique boat tour you’ll ever take, and it definitely beats sitting on a boring old beach all day long. Check it out:

Tiki Tours is a private charter service that lets you run the show and decide where you want to go.


The captain will stop the boat so you can jump off and go for a swim (possibly with some dolphins!), dock on the beach, or just cruise around on the water.


It’s BYOB, and coolers, a freezer, and a fridge full of sodas are provided. There are even cup holders to set your drinks in!

The water is full of interesting creatures. Dolphins and manta rays abound, and you can either watch them from the boat or jump in and play.


Be sure to bring an auxiliary cord for your phone, because you can plug it into the boat’s awesome sound system and play your favorite tunes!


There’s even a grill, so bring some hot dogs or burger patties on board with you.


And if you get tired or just want to lay down for a bit, there’s a hammock that you can kick back on and relax.

Try to reserve a time close to sunset, because nothing beats a view like this. Out at sea with no distractions, watching the sun make its descent – I can’t think of a better summer night.

Tiki Tours is located at 301 Jc Barr Blvd, City Marina, Port Aransas, TX 78373.

If you have a good time, here are a couple other awesome boat tours that you should definitely check out.



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