Why was Naruto the only one using Multi Shadow clone?

If you still remember back when you where still beginning to watch Anime, most people would probably recommend Naruto for you.

And as you have just entered the anime universe, you average assumption was that most anime characters has some powers unique to them

. And in this case you would think that Shadow clone was Naruto’s special powers.

To be honest I also had the same idea until I got deep into Naruto finding out that Shadow clone Jutsu was created by the Second Hokage.

One thing we haven’t noticed much is the reason Why Naruto was the only one who kept using Shadow clone the most in the entire Franchise.

You could say it was inspired by the fact that he was usually alone.

As both his parents left him at a very young age

. Given that none of his grand parents where mentioned in the series, it is possible that they could’ve died in war. As it was the thing for most Shinobi by then.

So as soon as Naruto learned of shadow clone jutsu.

He immediately found the very first use of it, which is to keep him company as he got nobody by his side. Even Sasuke picked up on this and noted that it is a jutsu that symbolized his weaknesses; Solitude.

Most Shinobi refrained from it due to its chakra consumption.

But since the introduction of tailed beasts it was no longer the case. As anyone else with as much chakra could create multiple shadow clone at once. We all know it is his signature move. Whenever he fights, there should be a bunch of Naruto’s by his side.

Which simply means that it is just his fighting style. Since it becomes very difficult for him to understand even the simplest Shinobi techniques. So this came in handy for times when he needed extra help.



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