Can the characters in Boruto surpass the characters in Naruto?



Some Naruto die hard fans have found it hard to accept Boruto as a series and say it is just a means to extend the storyline while making money and some reasons are Naruto and Sasuke should be too badass for anyone and Kaguya is the biggest, baddest villain in the Narutoverse. She may well be but the terms of engagement has changed, the enemies are now different and weirder and it seems using stolen power would be the order of the day for boruto villains.


We only know of two boruto villains and they are from the movie; Momoshiki and Kinshiki, we know that there is still one more Otsutsuki out there, we know that there would be an army of sharingan wielding shin clones (would talk about this in another article) and we know that Kawaki wants to end the shinobi era. I believe Boruto gives kishimoto something that was good in Naruto classic and lost in Naruto Shippuden, good all out fights without magical power-ups and world ending jutsus ; anyone remember gaara vs lee, Naruto vs Neji, Kidomaru vs Neji, i could go on.



Boruto may never attain the powers his father or Sasuke has but it does some fighting. We have seen Boruto go up against the class bully Iwabe and it was a good fight at academy level. In the movie, even though Boruto cheated by using the ninja device, the judges were not surprised as they felt he was capable of performing such feats and as a result a lot is expected from Boruto.





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