NFL Receives A Major Hit From Republicans With New Bill

In a new bill being proposed by Republicans meant to cut tax breaks, one of the targets of the bill, is the NFL. While the code also accomplishes other tasks, such as preventing house “flippers” from being tax exempt, and requiring Universities to pay taxes on endowments, a main target is the NFL.

Politicians have been vocally opposed to the anthem protests taking place in the NFL right now, and the NFL ownership has proven to be unable to stop the protests, which are killing their business, so lawmakers had to step in.

Americans all over the country and offended and disgusted by the NFL players using their platform at their place of work, to protest police brutality. They have been boycotting the NFL in all forms, the ratings are down, and the NFL owners are losing money.

The reason nothing has been done is that the NFL is a gaggle of 32 owners who are held together by a weak, ineffective leader in Roger Goodell, who can’t make decisions to save their lives, or the lives of their businesses.

NFL football is a sport and league people strongly associate with America, from the fact that it’s only played here in America, and the meritocracy of the game, and the brotherhood represented on the field. Football represents America, and to see the players disrespect everything the game, and the flag stands for is enough to make your average American not watch.

This bill should shake some sense into the owners, that if they don’t get their acts together, and figure out a way to prevent players from protesting, the government can make their lives a lot harder, and more expensive, and while everything is getting more expensive for the league, they are losing viewers, not a good place to be if you are the NFL.

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