You Haven’t Seen These Texas Hill Country Towns on a BuzzFeed List

BuzzFeed is synonymous with bringing you list articles of great things to see, eat, or laugh at, among others. Based in New York and focused on all things of digital experience, it almost begs the question, why haven’t you seen much of Texas on their feeds? They do feature great lists such as “25 Things No One Tells You About Moving To Texas,” and they’re not far off on that. Not even one bit. They do a great job of appealing to the young(ish) generation with notable nods such as, “OMG, Google Just Put Out A Selena Doodle And It’s So Beautiful I’m Crying.” But, the real essence of Texas and the Hill Country seems to lie in the communities that are the make-up of it. So, here are a few of those wonderful Texas Hill Country towns that you haven’t seen on any BuzzFeed list.

1. Burnet

Photo: Flickr/gilldrums73

An hour from the City of Austin, Burnet is known as the Bluebonnet Capital of Texas. In the spring, when these lovely flowers are in full bloom, you’ll wonder how such stunning natural beauty could exist in one small place.

2. Lago Vista

Photo: Facebook/Elissa R
Situated along Lake Travis’ northern shores, Lago Vista residents and tourists regularly experience an abundance of natural beauty, wildlife, and a lake-living lifestyle that’s pure fun at its best. Home to a number of golf courses, wineries, marinas, and performing arts settings, it has so much to offer Texans and visitors alike.

3. Tarpley

Photo: Facebook/Richard Kruegler

The town of Tarpley is located in Bandera County. Some of the prettiest parts of Texas countryside can be found here, as well as some of the friendliest people. There won’t be a day spent in this locale where you won’t hear a “Howdy,” have your door held open for you or get a gentlemanly handshake over good service. It’s a true gem of the Texas Hill Country.



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