6 Times Fans Tried to Draw Their Favorite Stars But Something Went Terribly Wrong

Sometimes the people we adore can motivate us to do things we’ve never done before. Thanks to celebrities, some of us started dancing, boxing, acting, or…drawing!

We at Bright Side prepared the most astonishing portraits of people who inspired their fans. Let’s see if the celebrities resemble their fans’ drawings!

1. Angelina Jolie should’ve kept that lipstick.

2. Brad Pitt and his adorable cheekbones!

3. The artist was amazed by Mel Gibson’s kind eyes.

4. “Maybe you could change me…”

5. Zayn Malik also likes to draw. Would you like him to draw you?

6. Harry Potter tries a spell without asking Hermione.

SOUCE BrightSide.me

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