Psychologists Explain 7 Signs of an Impasse in a Relationship That Are Not So Obvious

Every day around 3 million people all over the world go on dates.These dates can grow into something bigger, like longlasting relationships or a marriage, but you can’t hide from factors that can destroy the idyll and lead you to a breakup.

We at Bright Side collected 7 main signs that signal wrong things are taking place in your relationships and a bonus that is waiting for you at the end of the article.

7. You don’t have common photos.

If your partner doesn’t like to be photographed and checks his/her social media once a year, then there is no point worrying about the fact that there are no photos with you in his/her Instagram profile.

But if your partner keeps taking photos of him/herself and uploads them to the social media accounts ignoring your common photos, then there’s reason to ponder. Either your partner feels ashamed of you or simply doesn’t want to advertise your relationship.

In healthy relationships, you can say, ’’Let’s take a common photo,’’ without feeling awkward.

6. You don’t talk much, but, rather, you watch movies a lot during your dates.

There is nothing bad about watching your favorite serial or some new movie together from time to time, but if you spend every meeting watching TV or viewing a movie on the computer, that’s not normal.

Pay attention to the emotions you get after such meetings. If you need watching something just because you don’t have common topics for a conversation or because you are simply not interesting to your partner, it’s something to think about. Do you really need these relationships?

5. You hardly ever quarrel.

In general, the absence of quarrels is good, but only in the case when you can sort things out patiently and calmly by listening to each other.

However, if you don’t have quarrels and you instead hold onto a lot of offenses at each other, or if one of you complains and the other forgets about it in 10 seconds, that’s a true sign that the relationship is unhealthy. Sooner or later it will collapse under an avalanche of mutual accusation.

4. You rarely hug each other.

There are two options for developing relationships here as well. The first one is when partners show their feelings by different means. They can cook a delicious dinner, buy a nice present, or simply help each other when needed. But what if one or both of the partners don’t like hugging? You can admit it or try to discuss it.

The second option is when partners don’t care about each other. They don’t want any lovey-dovey things and don’t show their love in different ways. It’s probably because it’s not there.

3. You are indifferent to each other’s success.

Sometimes difficult and outstanding situations take place in our lives.During such moments your partner can get a little indifferent.

But if your talents and achievements are ignored regularly or, worse than that, your partner depreciates them, then it’s another signal. Do you really need a person who always wants to look better and more important than you?

2. You make each other lie.


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