Firefighters are battling flames from a burning apartment complex in Lynn, Massachusetts (VIDEO)

BOSTON (CBS) – Firefighters continue working at the scene of a massive fire at an under construction apartment building in Dorchester.

Flames broke out Wednesday at the Treadmark Building on Dorchester Ave. and firefighters worked through the night to knock down the fire and battle hot spots.

“It was a very difficult fire to fight,” said Boston Fire Commissioner Joseph Finn.
firedot2 Firefighters Continue Battling Hot Spots After Massive Dorchester Fire

Dorchester Ave. remained closed Thursday morning from Peabody Square to Gallivan Blvd.

Firefighters were forced to fight the blaze from outside because it was too dangerous to go in the building.

Officials say the building was fully up to code, though the style of construction caused flames to spread quickly.

“These buildings are relatively safe buildings. They are lightweight constructed buildings, which make it very difficult from a firefighting perspective,” said Finn during a Thursday press conference.

dorchesterfire Firefighters Continue Battling Hot Spots After Massive Dorchester Fire

“It meets the code. It’s an accepted building practice. As long as it’s protected and you have fire protection systems and they’re functioning, these are safe buildings.”

There were sprinklers in the building, but they had not yet been turned on which helped the flames spread quickly. The fire alarm system was scheduled to be tested on Thursday.

Part of the investigation will be determining whether the sprinklers had been turned off, or if they malfunctioned

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